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They may be members of this association representatives offices registr O, admissions and other officials of institutions of higher education and post-secondary graduates by the Board of Education of Puerto Rico.

Any person who wishes to be admitted as a member must file a membership application. This must be renewed annually effective July 1 and no later than the first Assembly.


  • Professional and personal development

  • Relevant and updated information

  • Interaction with colleagues

  • Attend two Assemblies free of charge

  • Receive invitation to workshops, seminars, among others


  • Regular partners      $ 70.00

  • Institutional partners  $ 70.00

  • Honorary members     $ 70.00

  • Corporate partners  $ 700.00

The cost of membership  does not include fees for Trainings, Workshops, Seminars or special activities.

Purpose and Mission


Institutional partners -  This is the name given to the representatives who occupy managerial positions within the Registry and Admissions Offices. They will have the right to voice and vote.

Partners - this is the name given to the employees of the Registration and Admissions Offices, as well as other officials of the offices related to the student's service. They will have the right to speak, but not to vote.

Honorary Members - those institutional partners or partners who, having completed their duties in the Registry and Admissions Offices, show a definite interest in the development of university education or continue any educational work are thus called. This category is granted by the Board of Directors. They will have the right to speak, but not to vote.

Corporate Partners - the representatives of the companies that have a product or service relevant to the individual partners or the educational institutions they represent. They will not have the right to speak or vote.


  • Transferencias electrónicas

  • Cheque

  • Paypal  (se cobrará cargos de servicios)

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